Celebrating Three Years of 209 Mare

The Monegasque luxury beachwear label, which can be seen all over resorts in and around of Monaco - think of Nikki Beach Monte Carlo and Saint Tropez to name a few - is now celebrating its third year anniversary!

I was so impressed by the innovative brand, technically and aesthetically when I first wrote about it during its launch here. But what makes me more proud is that, in a world of global conglomerates that are monopolizing the fashion market, this family-owned brand is going stronger than ever.

Besides yours truly, 209 Mare has gained global media attention by publications such as GQ, Cosmopolitan, Bloomberg, Women's Wear Daily and more. Commercially, clients from more than 100 countries have purchased it. 209 Mare was just showcased at Miami Swim Week and participated in the hub of creativity, the New York Fashion Week. Its appeal has attracted the entrepreneur, Mohamed Hadid (that’s right the father of Gigi and Bella), to partner up with his own brand Hadid Eyewear.

All the hype stems from its one-of-a-kind philosophy of turning beachwear to an ensemble that is wearable outside the premises of the beach. The brother-founders, Federico and Gabriel Uribe, are the designers of the infamous Beach Blazer and Towel Tuxedo (original concept right?). All premium fabrics are imported from Italy and France, with a special twist, most are either up-cycled or organic.

Federico Uribe, the Creative Director, commented: “I wanted to bring glamour back to the beach, however glamour tends to be uncomfortable and stuffy, so we took an approach of making it elegant yet playful, tailored yet comfortable and above all- sustainable.”

And while the brand was initially for men, it has introduced pieces for women to enlarge its offering of jackets, swim shorts, t-shirts, hoodies, and accessories.

September 20th (i.e. 20/9), is not only a celebration of the brand’s birth, but also the anniversary of one of its founder’s rebirth, who went through a near-death accident on this date. An unforgettable day by all means!

209 Mare is indeed a one of a kind start-up, heading from Monaco to the world! So go ahead and shop you favorite look here.