Introducing 209 Mare Brand In Monaco

You have definitely heard of luxury and timeless brands like Hermès bags and Audemars Piguet watches. Well, the 209 Mare label is taking the same route but for men’s beachwear.

Its new collection is inspired from the opulent and glamorous Art Deco era of the French Riviera in the 1920’s. By using materials from the finest sources in Italy, the brand is offering craftsmanship equivalent to those of Italian powerhouse brands like Armani and Versace.

209 Mare is bringing back the gentleman look to beachwear. The 209 Mare ideology is all about standing out and creating its own trends for gentlemen who want to play by their own rules. The mission and vision of the brand is derived from an interesting life-changing story.

On the 20th September 2015 (where the “209” comes from), Federico Uribe, the co-founder and creative director of 209 Mare, had an accident that changed his life. Uribe fell from the third story of a building into a parking lot. Miraculously, he survived and decided to use his second chance in life and pursue a lifelong passion for fashion and design. He wanted to create something that was larger than him, and as a result, the idea of 209 Mare was born under the premise "A Mare & Vivere" (to love and to live). Later in the Fall of 2016, Federico’s brother, Gabriel, joined him to establish 209 Mare in Monaco.

209 Mare believes in exclusivity, which is not only determined by quality or price but by the accessibility to the product. This means that only limited quantities are available of each item, which offers clients a unique experience that meets their high standards.

Here is a look at two of their signature items:

209 Blazer 
Federico developed prototypes of luxurious and unique men's beach blazer combined with structures of a bathrobe. And so a jacket was designed known as the 209 Blazer. It is a garment that is casual enough to wear throughout the day, fashionable in the evening and useful in lieu of a towel for when a gentleman gets back on dry land after a swim. By getting closer to the piece you will lay your eyes on materials like the delicate 3D Lycra patch placed below the collar, and the Art Deco monogrammed mother of pearl buttons. Moreover, the lining is made from the finest bamboo fabric, which is three times more absorbent than a cotton towel.

The exterior construction is water and UV resistant as well as wrinkle averse in order to keep up with the person’s daily activities. The length has been shortened to accentuate and complement swim shorts but maintains traditional elements of a bathrobe such as a waist-belt.

209 Swimshorts
Another staple item form the brand is the 209 Swimshorts. One that has the same DNA as the blazer, and has been designed to perfectly match any 209 Blazer regardless of the combination. This garment is constructed from the finest nylons carefully sourced from Italy. Which means that the material dries rapidly and is extremely soft to the touch, while giving the wearer the appearance of a tailored fit.

209 Packaging 
Last but not least, prepare yourself for the cherry on top of it all, the 209 Packaging. 209 Mare has drawn inspiration from the haute horology industry where the packaging is central to the brand experience. For instance, each 209 Blazer is delivered in a custom box that is a unique statement of craftsmanship. And the 209 Mare Swimshorts comes with its own water resistant pouch, so that the gentlemen will be able to use the pouch to carry their phone, keys, sunscreen and anything else they may need on their day out.

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