Introducing ESYA Jewelry

Living in Monaco, and being the child of the Mediterranean, I always try to carry with me the spirit of the south of France when visiting cloudy and cold cities.

And one way I do so is through the accessories I wear. Luckily, I recently discovered a brand that carries the same spirit of the Marine life I love which is; Esya jewelry.

The brand’s philosophy is all about having a summer holiday by the seaside, and a piece from the Esya collection will always bring back souvenirs of the joyful season.

In fact, the brand’s narrative is born out of a true story as the designer, who comes form a Nordic country, created jewelry reflecting the mood of the south. Her fresh designs then attracted her long life partner when she was visiting the South. And together they established Esya to constantly relive the happiness they experience when they are by the sea, and immersed in its universe.

Available in different designs, colors and prices, Esya includes unique pieces of bracelets and chokers for both men and women.

So if you want to constantly remember the southern way of life, the sun, the sea and holiday breeze, then this brand is for you!

P.S. Visit the website for all the collection, click here.

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