My Weekend At The Barrière Le Normandy Deauville Hotel

So I decided to discover a new part of France, and that is in the evergreen Normandy region. And the first city that came to my mind is Deauville. After asking my Norman friend for travel tips, she said that I HAVE to stay at the iconic Hôtel Barrière Le Normandy Deauville, and so I simply did!

I am familiar with the Barrière hotels from Cannes, and I know that the Barrière group is all about the French art of living and tradition. So I was looking forward to this luxurious experience.

No wonder the hotel has been described as one of the most beautiful hotels in France, because that was exactly what I thought when I reached Deauville after a two-hour train ride from Paris (no, not from Monaco).

The Hôtel Barrière Le Normandy Deauville was first built in 1912 during the emergence of the dynasty of Deauville as a destination for the elite of French society (think of Coco Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent). Preserving its distinctive architecture, the hotel has been completely renovated and has kept its “home away from home” feeling.

The staff was very welcoming, and I especially loved the lobby with fresh flowers, Anglo-Norman elegant furniture, and a crystal chandelier. Surprise, surprise, I even had a chandelier in my room (check my instagram photo here). With a king size bed faced by a luminous balcony. Just perfect for the next morning, where I had my delicious breakfast and gazed at the hotel’s captivating façade.

Downstairs, it was time for lunch at The Belle Epoque restaurant, a space adorned with wooden furniture and crystal glass. I had the most delicious fish and crème caramel.

And right next to it, I had a drink at the hotel’s historical bar. I enjoyed a chat with the veteran barman who told me stories about Jack Nicholson, Pierce Brosnan and Nicole Kidman that have happened right there at the counter of the mahogany bar. (Remember that the hotel hosts all the Hollywood celebrities during the famous American Film Festival).

There was also the new Spa Diane Barrière Deauville, named after the late heiress of the group, and which offers all kinds of high-end innovative treatments, massages, and detox packages. But as I didn’t have time to schedule an appointment, I took a fast dip in the indoor swimming pool.

Finally, let me just tell you that it was we quite a challenge for me to leave the premises of Le Normandy hotel, as I enjoyed discovering my comfortable room, the fine restaurants, and all the premium amenities. But another beauty was awaiting me, and that was the city of Deauville. So read my top tips for a weekend in Deauville here!

P.S. The Barrière group owns two other hotels in Deauville that offer different experiences; the five stars Hotel Royal and the four stars Hotel Du Golf.  So make sure to choose your hotel and book your room here.