My Favorite Summer Gadget FREEZEMAKER

So with summer approaching and being the big fan of cocktails that I am, I have started to try out new original cocktail recipes (especially fruit-based) for my house gatherings.

But my constant dilemma is that I often forget to prepare the ice cubes in the refrigerator, because I am the kind of person who organizes last minute soirées at home with friends. They basically receive a group message like “Hey guys, head over to my place tonight, I am testing a new cocktail recipe!”

Thankfully, innovative products and tools like Freezemaker have saved me from the hassle of running to the nearby store and buying a huge bag of ice cubes, and constantly worrying about the temperature of the drink. I mean I definitely don’t want to serve a hot drink!

Freezemaker is also targeted to bars and clubs, especially due to its customization options in terms of having your own logo on it. It works on all kinds of glasses, so no need to have a certain style or shape.

The brand has two versions; the sleek and simple the Tower of Florence and the Freeze Bull, which looks like something from a Star Wars movie.

They both literally take only SIX seconds, and that’s 3 seconds to frost the glass, and 3 seconds to sanitize it, before you get that perfect chilled drink.

So basically, all you have to do is plug it to the electrical supply, Push, Freeze and have fun!

P.S. Visit their website for more information here and watch the video on my Instagram page here