My Golden Travel Advice: Choose Your Travel Buddy Wisely

So lets say it's almost the time of the annual ski vacation, and you are preparing your bag for hitting the slopes of the fabulous white Alpes.

You are looking forward to spending some time in a luxurious resort you have booked a couple of months ago.

You are throwing some of your favorite ski gadgets and outfits here and there, but wait, have you remembered to choose the right travel buddy? Because that's definitely something you cannot pack, but will be one of the most important elements of the success of the trip.

Trust me, I have heard horror stories of people who have ended their relationships (friendly or romantic) right after they spent a holiday abroad.

So in the case of escapades that are neither a family nor a forced vacation, i.e. the no-strings-attached kind of leisure time, I have one golden rule for you: set up an "imaginary" casting for your travel buddy. Because it’s only during a vacation when you get to discover the real personality of a person, as people tend to remove the social mask they put on a daily basis. And that authentic version of the person will accompany you during the entire vacation, from day to night.

And when I say an "imaginary" casting, I mean shuffling a list of potential candidates in your head, until you fall upon the right applicant for the assigned mission.

For instance, what if you want to pass your time skiing and your travel buddy doesn't know how to ski? He/she will have to stay indoors, and will eventually be angry and make you feel guilty, since you are the only one having a good time

My rule doesn't mean that you should always choose the same traveling companion, but rather choose a buddy that corresponds to the vacation destination. Hence you can have your party lover friend accompany you to Ibiza, and invite your Zen cousin on your trip to India. Therefore, you will have plenty of different opportunities for many of your friends and relatives. And no one will be left out, while you spend a good time and strengthen your relationship with that perfect traveling partner.